• To map medical training post capacity and utilization in Northern¬†Australia
  • To develop a set of recommendations to enable further utilization of existing capacity

Project Contact

Lisa Crouch – Senior Project Officer

Office: 07 4232  1468

Email: projectmanager@gnartn.org.au


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Enhancing Training Post Capacity to Meet Supply and Demand for Medical Trainee: 2015.


Medical training posts are funded by the Commonwealth. Understanding the current capacity and its utilization creates the opportunity to have a dialogue with training providers and formulate recommendations to enhance and share capacity in Northern Australia to facilitate the development of a Northern Training Pipeline.


GNARTN has an explicit focus on developing cross jurisdiction training pathways in Northern Australia and to address the misdistribution of the health professional workforce. Within the Northern Australia footprint there are a number of significant training providers to have a funded role in providing training posts within a range of settings to meet the learning needs of the relevant fellowship.

Understanding where existing capacity is and its level of utilization has been difficult to determine.  By mapping existing capacity and utilization of training posts, there is the potential to discuss how to maximize and leverage the Northern Australian Training posts and support infrastructure to ensure that a northern rural and remote training pipeline could be mapped.

As per the direction of the GNARTN Council at the meeting in February, a decision will be taken later this year following the announcement of the RTP boundaries as how to proceed with this project.

Deliverables and Timeframe

  • Report describing training capacity in Northern Australia health infrastructure
  • A set of recommendations to enhance utilization of existing capacity to enable a Northern Training Pipeline



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