GNARTN Projects are initiated and endorsed by the GNARTN Council in response to national health and health workforce reform priorities, and in relation to rural/remote health workforce data and the identified clinical education and training needs and priorities across Greater Northern Australia.

Projects are developed within various jurisdictions and guided by expert reference groups with membership and representation from across sectors and jurisdictions. Some projects are implemented across jurisdictions from start-up, while others are developed and piloted within one jurisdiction for sharing and implementation across jurisdictions on completion. Collaboration, partnership and cross-jurisdictional sharing are the hallmarks of GNARTN projects – enhancing rather than replicating the work of others; identifying opportunities; and, developing and implementing innovative models and approaches.

Enhancing Training Post Capacity to Meet Supply and Demand for Medical Trainee: 2015

Purpose Medical training posts are funded by the Commonwealth. Understanding the current capacity and its utilization creates the opportunity to have a dialogue with training providers and formulate recommendations to enhance and share capacity in Northern Australia to facilitate the development of a Northern Training Pipeline. Background GNARTN has an explicit focus on developing cross jurisdiction training pathways in Northern Australia and to address the misdistribution of the health professional workforce. Within the Northern Australia footprint there are a number of significant training providers to have a funded role in providing training posts within a range of settings to meet…

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Near Neighbours Project: Phase 2 (2015)

Purpose To build a constructive and proactive engagement mechanism via the GNAUN to further discuss support of accredited international clinical placements and seek opportunities to embed an international clinical placement into health curricula. Background In 2014 the Near Neighbours project investigated opportunities to increase accredited international clinical placement capacity for Queensland and Greater Northern Australian (GNA) students. The report specified the enablers and barriers of such and recommended areas requiring the greatest depth of attention. This included further dialogue with accreditation bodies to define the evidence that would be required to enhance accredited international clinical placement opportunities. In the current…

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Northern Australia Indigenous Health Workforce Network: 2015

Purpose The GNARTN Council identified that for many rural and remote Indigenous communities, the health and education sectors were the largest employers of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Northern Australia. An explicit function of the GNARTN Councils’ Terms of Reference is to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Clinical Education and Training and Workforce Development. As part of the 2014 GNARTN workplan, it was agreed to establish a network which had an explicit focus on the objective. The network met in 2014, and in 2015 it was agreed to hold 2 forum to progress a range of…

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Aboriginal / Torres Strait Islander Health worker / Practitioner Training Pathway Model (2015)

Purpose To consult on and develop a practical and cost effective model which strengthens and enhances clinical training and placement capacity in rural and remote Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services. Background In 2014 as part of the GNARTN workplan, GNARTN established a Northern Australia Indigenous Health Workforce Network to provide a vehicle to identify clinical placement capacity within Aboriginal Health Services (AMS and ACCHS) and for the development of an Indigenous Health Workforce. In late 2014, GNARTN hosted a face to face forum of key Northern Australia stakeholders to identify a series of opportunities to enhance clinical placement capacity, and…

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Greater Northern Australia University Network (GNAUN): (2015)

Purpose The GNAUN facilitates the development, implementation and sharing of innovative approaches to the clinical education and training of health professionals in Northern Australia.  It is a network of the GNA Universities and provides advice to the GNARTN Council on issues of policy and future investment to sustain and enhance clinical training and placement capacity in Northern Australia. The purpose of this forum is to enhance information sharing between Universities who place health practitioner students in Northern Australia and to discuss issues particular to strengthening clinical placement and training capacity in Greater Northern Australia (GNA). The GNAUN provides advice to…

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